EVENT | LIMESTONE COUNTRY An evening with poet Fiona Sampson, 19th October, Sandy Films, Rotherhithe

fiona sampson

Limestone, found across the world, is a sedimentary rock, ceaselessly reshaped by time and water, made from the bones and shells of vanished oceans.

In Limestone Country, the prize-winning poet Fiona Sampson paints a lyrical and very personal portret of four particular limestone landscapes: a farming hamlet in Perigord, southern France, the Karst region in Slovenia, a rural perish in England, and Jerusalem, a limestone city, that has long shaped people’s believe, ways of life, and imagination.

These stories, vital and human, are told through farming routines, snapshots of daily life, and through encounters in streets and fields with wildlife and human history.

Limestone country is a meditation on how people liv in a landscape, how they alter it, and how the landscape, in turn, shapes them. It is also a love letter to a sedimentary rock, exploring how different communities around the world are bound together by their shared geology.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 7:30 PM 

Sands Films is a busy film studio and production facility set up in an 18C warehouse in Rotherhithe since 1975.

Sands Films Cinema
82 Saint Marychurch Street
SE16 4HZ London
United Kingdom


Author: The Poettrio Experiment

An AHRC funded investigation into poetry translation trios led by Francis Jones, Bill Herbert and Fiona Sampson with Rebecca May Johnson & Sergio Lobejón Santos

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