PoetTrio Poets and Language Advisors

If you are submitting a proposal for our art commission, below is the list of British and Dutch poets who were members of our poetry translation ‘trios’, or PoetTrios.

For examples of them reading work produced during workshops, visit our YouTube site HERE.

British Poets

Sean O’Brien

W. N. Herbert

Fiona Sampson

Dutch Poets

Hélène Gelèns

Elma van Haren

Menno Wigman

Language Advisors

Karlien van den Beukel

Willem Groenewegen

Rosemary Mitchell-Schuitevoerder

Author: The Poettrio Experiment

An AHRC funded investigation into poetry translation trios led by Francis Jones, Bill Herbert and Fiona Sampson with Rebecca May Johnson & Sergio Lobejón Santos

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