National Poetry Day: Future of Translation Summit

What is the future of poetry translation in Britain? A day of workshops, panel discussions and readings.

For National Poetry Day (October 4th) 2018, The PoetTrio Experiment, in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, organised and curated a Translation Summit in London University’s Senate House. It started with a public workshop on collaborative poetry translation, following the PoetTrio model. Then, poets, translators, speakers from cultural institutions, publishers and other stake-holders came together to reflect on best practice, and brainstormed how to take poetry in translation forwards in the next few years. 

PoetTrio Collaborative translation workshops

Two parallel workshops, with: British poets Sean O’Brien and WN Herbert; Dutch poets Elma van Haren and Hélène Gelèns; and Language advisors Willem Groenewegen and Francis Jones

Panel: Innovators
Speakers discuss the innovative projects, approaches and programming they are involved with.

Jen Calleja, British Library
Theodora Danek, English PEN
Kate Griffin & Peggy Hughes, National Writing Centre
Charlotte Ryland, Stephen Spender Trust
Jennifer Higgins, Queen’s College Oxford

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Panel: Translation after Brexit

As Britain struggles with the new isolationism, translation emerges as a key cultural tool. Our newly endangered relationship with Europe is a crucible for paradigms of world neighbourliness, from soft diplomacy to cultural industry.

Aušrinė Žilinskienė, Lithuanian Cultural Institute
Petra Freimund, Austrian Cultural Forum
Gabriela Mocan, Romanian Cultural Institute
Inga Bodnarjuka-Mrazauskas, International Writers and Translators House, Latvia  
Fiona Sampson, PoetTrio Project

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Panel: From Page to Stage 

Poetry translation relies on the vision of publishers and cultural institutions. But all literary publishers today must increasingly on going beyond the page, from radical event programming to inventive digital publishing.

Clare Pollard, Modern Poetry in Translation
Erika Hesketh, Poetry Translation Centre
Bill Swainson, freelance editor and literary consultant
Tony Frazer, Shearsman 
Tony Ward, Arc
Diana Manole, Trent University & McMaster University and poet 


South Korean poet Choi Jeongrye
Romanian-Canadian poet Diana Manole 
Poets from the PoetTrio project; Fiona SampsonSean O’BrienW.N. HerbertHélène GelènsElma van Haren, and Willem Groenewegen reading the work of Menno Wigman

The Summit was curated by:

Fiona Sampson, University of Roehampton, and Rebecca May Johnson, Newcastle University  



Author: The Poettrio Experiment

An AHRC funded investigation into poetry translation trios led by Francis Jones, Bill Herbert and Fiona Sampson with Rebecca May Johnson & Sergio Lobejón Santos

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