PoetTrio Poets & Language Advisors

Below is the list of British and Dutch poets and language advisors who were members of our poetry translation ‘trios’, or PoetTrios. For examples of them reading work produced during workshops, visit our YouTube site HERE.

British Poets

W. N. Herbert

Bill has translated from Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, and Somali. He is mostly published by Bloodaxe Books, most recently Omnesia (2013). He is Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing at Newcastle University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and in 2016 won a Cholmondeley Prize. He is also the Dundee Makar, or city laureate.

Sean O’Brien

Sean is a prolific and celebrated poet, critic, and playwright. He is the winner of many major prizes, including the Eric Gregory award, the Forward Poetry Prize – twice, and the T.S. Eliot prize. His ninth poetry collection, Europa, appeared in 2018. He is Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and in 2017 he was Weidenfeld Visiting Professor at St Anne’s College Oxford.

Fiona Sampson MBE FRSL

Fiona has been published in more than thirty-five languages and received a number of national and international honours for her writing. She is Professor of Poetry at the University of Roehampton University, and has previously worked as a literary editor, often specializing in international poetry. She was the first Director of the Stephen Spender Memorial Trust for literary translation and has published four poetry collections translated by the poet to poet method.

Dutch Poets

Hélène Gelèns

Hélène is a Dutch writer of poetry, essays and prose.  She is a true polymath, who has worked in a range of academic disciplines from astronomy and medieval history, to philosophy – and this shows in her cerebral, vibrant work. Gelèns is the author of three poetry collections, the second of which was awarded the prestigious Jan Campert Prize. English translations of Gelens’s poetry have appeared in UK-based literary magazines such as Ambit, Poetry London and The North.

Elma van Haren

Elma, whose debut received the C. Buddingh’-Prijs at Poetry International in Rotterdam, is a prize-winning author of over 10 volumes of poetry. Elma’s first novel ‘Ms Ovo’ was published in Dutch 2017, and as well as being a poet and prose writer, Elma is a visual artist. Her most recent collection is Zuurstofconfetti (De Harmonie).

Menno Wigman (1966-2018)

Former poet laureate of Amsterdam, Menno Wigman published five highly-rated collections, winning the Jan Campert prize for Zwart als kaviaar. Window-cleaner Sees Paintings, translated by David Colmer, was published by Arc in 2016.’ His final volume, Slordig met geluk, described by critics as his best yet, won the prestigious Ida Gerhardt Poetry prize in 2018.

Language Advisors

Karlien van den Beukel

Karlien is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at London South Bank University. She has published on poetry in Jacket, How(2), Angel Exhaust, and Filter, and has translated Tonnus Oosterhoff’s digital poems into English. She is currently working on narrative games. Recent publications include: ‘Fallen London: Allegory and Game Authorship’ in Paradoxa (2018).

Willem Groenewegen

Willem has been a bilingual translator of Dutch and British poetry for 18 years and is chiefly known for his Popescu prize-nominated English translations of the late Rutger Kopland. In 2016, he translated 70 First World War poems into Dutch, for a 1000-page anthology published by De Bezige Bij/Manteau, The War in Writing/De Geschreven Oorlo.

Rosemary Mitchell-Schuitevoerder

Rosemary is a freelance commercial translator of English Dutch and Nordic languages. She writes her own poetry in English and Dutch and translates Swedish poetry. She supports the Chartered Institute of Linguists as a member of council and is involved in their promotion of the value of languages and language skills in the public interest. In the Tyne Valley she is involved in cultural activities as a member of the Tynedale EU Interest Group.